Jaffle Symposium: Fatbergs & Three Cheese Jaffles

Jaffle Symposium
Saturday, August 3, 2019 - 12:00 to 13:30
Testing Grounds, Southbank


A feast for your stomach, mind, planet and soul. Bringing together art, culture, science, technology and, of course, the glorious jaffle: because any discussion without food is just a waste.  

What does fat mean to you?  

A delicious and lively discussion around the fire between artists, scientists and jaffle-enthusiasts. It will be a discussion about fat from different disciplines, shifting our feelings about fat and what steps we can all take to shift the conversation and reality of fat in our world.  

The Jaffle Symposium is a curated program of discussions, where interesting people talk about interesting things while making and eating jaffles around the open fire at Testing Grounds. You can view the full program here.


Arne Hendriks is a researcher, artist and curator who explores the edges of specific cultural values that define our relationship with the planet. In Arne’s opinion, we should open our minds to radical, new ideas and disruptive practices.  

Mike Thompson is a designer, researcher, and educator, drawn to the dark corners of bio-technological research. He is co-founder of experimental, art / design research collective Thought Collider. Together, Hendriks and Thompson are known as the agents driven to build the worlds first floating island of fat – the Fatberg in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Tanya Ha is an award-winning Australian environmental campaigner, best-selling author, science journalist and communication consultant. Tanya is Director of Engagement at Science in Public, where she media trains scientists and is heavily involved behind-the-scenes in National Science Week. She is also a member of the executive of Science and Technology Australia, an Associate of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, and an advisory board member of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science. She has also served on the boards of Sustainability Victoria and Keep Australia Beautiful. On television, Tanya was a presenter for ABC’s Catalyst and Can We Help?, and the ‘eco-coach’ in SBS’s Eco House Challenge. Tanya’s books include Greeniology and Green Stuff for Kids.

Nina Sellars is a curator of the Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology, University of Melbourne, and an artist and researcher who works with human adipose tissue (aka fat). Viewing fat as a critical organ of posthumanism, Nina explores the ways in which fat challenges, and subsequently may be seen to transform, our understanding of anatomy in the twenty first century.  Recent exhibitions of her artwork include: Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia – New Romance: Art and the Posthuman (2016); Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth, Australia – HyperPrometheus: The Legacy of Frankenstein (2018); Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, Canada – IOTA Bio Art Series (2019).


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Photo credit: Testing Grounds