Science Gallery Melbourne's Sci Curious is a group of young and curious people who act as an advisory group for the Gallery, helping to inform and shape the future of our exhibitions and programs, and keeping young voices front and centre.

Our current Sci Curious members are:

Ana Ward
Annabel Yenson
Arnold Grobler
Arshaan Shaikh
Brana Godic
Brandon Iredale
Briana Barker
Brittany Reukers
Caleb Bolwell
Catriona Nguyen-Robertson
Celeste Chan
Dan Revesz
Emily Painter
Felix Briggs
Isabel Conti
Isabella Pacillo
Isolde Kieni-Judd
Jack de Valle
Jack Chan
James Urlini
Jarrah Shubsmith
Jasmine Tremblay
Jessica Coldrey
Jue Theng Soo
Júlia Both
Khy Yie Choo
Liv Handfield
Luke Coleman
Matthew Coffey
Mimi Ugo
Rosie Arnold
Thenu Herath