Maurizio Toscano | Australia ARK OF IMPERFECTION

What will you leave behind in our quest for trans-human perfection?

Ark of Imperfection represents a large time capsule of what we consider imperfect about ourselves and our lives. The tension between the scientific and the religious symbolism heightens the sense of an existential and metaphysical crossroads brought about by scientific perfectionism. In contributing to the Ark you are invited to reflect upon the value of your imperfections and to preserve these should a future, perfect society call upon its scientists to recover what was ‘lost’. The use of Conway’s Game-of-life cellular automaton references the possibility that perfection will be ushered in through the non-biological route of artificial intelligence or computational life forms, as does the play between the Ark’s measurement in cubits with the Quantum computational Q-bit.

The artist acknowledges the meticulous work of Sam Buckley in the fabrication of the Ark.

Image: Courtesy of the artist

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The Artist: Maurizio Toscano

Maurizio Toscano’s present research as a lecturer in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education concerns the intersection between art, science and philosophy, particularly as it pertains to practices in science education and communication. His philosophical work deals with the metaphysics of science and its connection to aesthetics. Maurizio has drawn upon his past work as a scientist (PhD is in astrophysics) in collaborations with artists (e.g. Syzygy), in exhibiting original works (most recently in Flow at Counihan Gallery Brunswick), and curating student art-science exhibitions. Maurizio lectures in science education and communication, climate change, philosophy of education and environmental education.

12.09.2018 - 03.11.2018 Perfection


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