26 September 7:00 PM Mirror Mirror

Overview: Reflections on cultural pressures of beauty

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As a society, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to look a certain way, and these ideals change across cultures. Chinese women want plastic surgery on their eyelids to make them look more Western, and Iran has been nicknamed the nose job capital of the world. Children in India are encouraged to stay out of the sun so their skin doesn’t darken, while Caucasian people are forever trying to make their skin look darker.

These pressures have made us obsess over the way we look, and constant exposure to perfect faces and bodies through the media doesn’t help. Young Australians consistently identify body image as one of their top personal concerns.

This discussion will explore the psychology behind perfection and body image, and will delve into disorders such as body dysmorphic disorder, which involves obsessing about a perceived or imagined problem with one’s appearance. We will take a look at the measures young people take to perfect their bodies, from Brazilian waxing to labiaplasty, through to body building and anabolic steroid use.

Wednesday 26 September, 7pm

Emma Barnard, PhD candidate at The University of Melbourne’s School of Population & Global Health researching genital plastic surgery
Dr Scott Griffiths,  Academic in the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences researching body image, eating disorders, muscle dysmorphia, anabolic steroid use, and the stigmatisation of mental disorders and related behaviors
Tyler Payne, Artist and PhD candidate at RMIT investigating women’s body-correcting practices, and how these practices have contributed to, and transformed, the social construction of women’s gender.
Melanie Ward, Radio professional who suffered from Breast Implant Illness

Moderated by poet, writer and broadcaster Alicia Sometimes


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