PERFECTION - Open call for Submissions

Science Gallery Melbourne is seeking proposals for up to 20 works for PERFECTION, an exhibition and public program aimed at young adults, that asks artists, designers and scientists - what does it mean to be perfect?

From the precision and accuracy of mathematics and symmetry in design and architecture, to our quest for the perfect appearance, perfect match and the perfect photo filter - why do humans strive for perfection?

A wave of new science and technology allow us to modify, hack and transform our lives into our own personalised utopias. We can surgically modify our appearance, create perfect ways to communicate, build perfect cities, and live in ecological harmony with our environment. With growing cultural pressures to look perfect and live an ideal life, is striving for perfection a positive goal? Or is the imperfection of life already an ‘optopia’ – an optimal system that sustains life and creates diversity?

Through the lens of artists, musicians, mathematicians, architects, designers, psychologists and surgeons, Science Gallery Melbourne will explore what it means to pursue personal perfection in a non-perfect world.        

Submissions due by 2 January, 2018 

For more information and to submit an idea click here