Sci Curious event reviews... H. P. Mathscraft

Event reviews by our Sci Curious members

H. P. Mathscraft

Think maths, physics and crafternoons have nothing in common? Think again! In this workshop, we used knitting, crochet and origami to explain complex mathematical and physical ideas and theories.


Review #1 by Jarrah

The impact of societal and biological structures and ideals on the human perception of creativity were the main themes of this event. Although for centuries craft as an artform and creative process has been guided by needs both environmental (warmth) and psychological in nature (expression), the ways in which these processes have manifested are often guided by societal ideals of perfectionism. These in turn have often been informed by our biological predisposition to value patterns and sequences such as in language, natural formations and mathematics. This was presented at HP Mathcraft through the crocheting of coral, knitted mushrooms and interpretation of mathematical theories to great success.

I felt the relevance of the event to me lay primarily in the context of the social pressures of perfectionism I face in my everyday life. Particularly through the intersection of my interest in math and science and the societal conventions of gender imposed on me by my community, I feel the burdens of needing to represent my gender in a field in which women are underrepresented. This coupled with my passion for creativity made this event feel tailored for my interests specifically, combining a preference to visual learning with a desire to make physical objects with my own hands.


Review #2 by Jue

The most important theme of the event was probably the appreciation of the beauty of mathematics and how it can do wonders to even the most mundane things in our every day lives. In particularly, I’ve learnt how to appreciate origami and its mathematical concept behind it after attending the H.P Mathscraft event last Saturday. For instance, even a flat, scrunched up paper is an origami itself and how even something so imperfect has its own systematic theory and formula to its creation. This realisation left me baffled as I couldn’t help thinking about how perfections can lead to an imperfection and that is definitely something to ponder about and relate to in our lives.

Before attending the workshops and talks hosted during this event, I wasn’t aware of the importance of mathematics in our daily lives. Well, I was aware of it but I wasn’t deeply aware of its existence and how it gave functionality to almost everything in our lives. I even got to see artists that used the concept of mathematics in their art in response to the concept of time and space, which was absolutely amazing! Therefore, the event was very relevant to me as I’ve now gained a deeper understanding towards mathematics and it definitely had flipped the switch on me about the beauty and appreciation of it.