Science Gallery Melbourne invites proposals from all disciplines to explore the full spectrum of mental health in our first exhibition in the new gallery. 

Everyone with a brain is mental, reacting to the world in response to our own perception, biochemistry and emotional state. Almost half of us will directly experience challenges to our mental health when something is out of balance in our lives. Young people are an especially affected group with 75% of those affected first experiencing mental health stress between the ages of 15-24.   

Be prepared to challenge your thinking by flexing your mental muscles, exercising your empathy and tackling your taboos. What is your ‘normal’? When is your brain betraying you? Why is mental health stigma still a thing? Can you enhance your brain? Just how much control do you have over your mind? 

MENTAL is a welcoming place to confront societal bias and stigma. It will immerse audiences in new research, art and ideas that provoke, respond, and adapt throughout the show. Curated with young adults for young adults, it brings together art, science, and technology grounded in research, evidence and enquiry.  

Part experiment, part exhibition - MENTAL is for everyone. Because really, we are all mental.    

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