DISPOSABLE Curatorial Panel

Our season of DISPOSABLE was curated with young people for young people!
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Jue Theng Soo

Born in Malaysia, Jue has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Honours in Chemistry Education, and currently works as a Chemistry teacher and research assistant, mainly focusing on creativity in science students. Jue was part of the Malthouse Theatre Vanguard Initiative and assistant facilitator for the Beginners & International Performance Workshop program at the Monash University Student Theatre. Jue is currently also an active theatre practitioner and her recent work includes co-writing and performing in a play which was recently accepted as part of La Mama's Explorations season, which attempts to assimilate science into theatre. She has assisted with the National Youth Science Forum and worked with artists in Malaysia to create a mural painting to create awareness in environmental protection. Jue has a shared love for arts and science, and is currently part of the Science Gallery Melbourne Sci Curious think-tank group.

George Goodnow

George is an artist and curator interested in orientations, suburbia and relations between spaces, objects and people. Her practice predominantly involves painting, installation, murals, writing and performance. By fabricating fictional architectures and characters, or adjusting existing architectures, she explores how public and private spaces hold objects and bodies. Furthermore, how the spaces we create reflect the values we live by and relate to slippery notions of identity, sexuality and gender. George was born in California and raised in Canberra, moving to Melbourne (Naarm) in 2014, where she lives, works and loves now. George has exhibited and painted walls extensively throughout Australia and overseas, and has collaborated on projects with groups such as the Collingwood Arts Precinct, Juddy Roller, the Australian National University and the Abbotsford Convent. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2016. She recently completed a residency in New York at CON Artists Collective.

Brandon Iredale

Brandon is currently a year ten student at Eltham College and a member of the Science Gallery Sci Curious think-tank group. Brandon has a passion for science, sport and creativity. He was nominated for the Herald Sun ‘Pride of Australia Child of Courage’ medal for saving a woman’s life at just nine years of age, and has volunteered for the Big Hug Group and Breakfast Club for underprivileged children. He has won a Karate World Cup competition and plays the guitar.