Do you know your blood type? Are Type Bs more outgoing? Are Type As more attractive to mosquitos? Or none of the above…?

What’s your type? is a fun and participatory pop-up event that explores the science and sociology of blood-type in community groups in Melbourne and London. By bringing the inner world of blood out into the public realm, this event will spark an interest in blood types and raise awareness of the importance of blood donation through an international blood ‘dating’ game. Visitors are invited to have their blood tested on the spot using the Melbourne-born Haemokinesis GLIF testing technique. A blood type result is obtained within a minute. Once the blood type is added to the What’s my type? database, potential matches for the participant’s blood type will be revealed.

This event is in collaboration with Science Gallery London.

The University of Melbourne
McFarland Court (near Wilson Hall)

Thursday 17th – Saturday 20th August – 11am – 2pm
Sunday 20th August – 10am – 4pm