17 August - 17 August Red Tent: The future of menstruation

Overview: Discussion panel on the cultural taboo of menstruation

It has been proposed that in biblical times The Red Tent was a place where menstruating women would congregate and gain mutual support and encouragement. This is in stark contrast to the cultural taboo around the discussion of menstruation today.  Despite recent positive movements changing the conversation surrounding menstruation, there is still many people who feel uncomfortable with this natural biological process. This talk discusses the future of menstruation and culture, including the reception in the workplace, exhibiting institutions and trends within the media.

Lara Owen: PhD student at the Department of Management, Monash University
Dr Lauren Rosewarne: Senior Lecturer in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne
A/Professor Kate MacNeill: Head of Art History at The University of Melbourne

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Sidney Myer Asia Centre

17 August - 17 August

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