24 August - 24 August HSL Bloods - a street art workshop

Overview: There will be blood - a street art workshop


The HSL Bloods were formed in 2004 tagging the streets of Collingwood with their now infamous frosting graffiti. After many long years of battle with rival gang, Period Crips, the HSL Bloods were victorious, allowing peace to reign over the now gentrified coffee swilling city we enjoy today.

To commemorate the victory, as well as the many years of bloodshed, the HSL Bloods invite aspiring frosting graffiti artists to help them in recreating one of their most iconic graffiti works “You Beaut” – a giant icing uterus!! Come along and paint the streets with ICING BLOOD

FREE – Please email info@melbourne.sciencegallery.com to register your interest. Details will be sent to you prior the workshop.

All ages and genders welcome.

What do you bloody think?

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The Artist: Hotham Street Ladies

The Hotham Street Ladies are a group of five women who met in a share household in Melbourne and make street art, installations, public art, recipe books and cakes. They have exhibited work at the National Gallery of Victoria, The Johnson Collection and Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin.


Booking: Free Entry

Please email info@melbourne.sciencegallery.com to register your interest

Location TBC

24 August - 24 August