12 August - 15 August Body of People

Overview: Interactive sound installation

Body of People is a collective sound installation by artist Rosalind Hall that grows and shifts as participants contribute their heartbeat to a space.  With a digital stethoscope, a software patch built by Nick Roux and surround sound, the live recordings will form a sonic pool of heart-beats donated by visitors to the space, shifting between synchronisation, polyrhythms and noise.  In a historical change room, the undulating noise chorus will add to a visceral experience of the space as it becomes a body of many people.

Supported by ThinkLabs and System Sound.

Saturday 12th August, 12pm – 6pm
Monday 14th August, 12pm – 6pm
Tuesday 15th August, 12pm – 6pm
No bookings required, FREE

Part of National Science Week


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The Artist: Rosalind Hall

Rosalind Hall is a musician and composer, using sound, technology, improvisation and space as her mediums. Her practice explores the limitations of the human body in performance, the heartbeat as symbol and sound source, the psychoacoustic phenomenon of inner ear beating, rhythm as transcendence and bio-electromagnetic transmission.