8 August - 8 August Blood and Stigma

Overview: A discussion panel on the stigma of living with HIV

The stigma stemming from the HIV epidemic in the 1980s still largely persists today, despite significant medical and scientific advances in treatment.

This discussion brings together experts from different backgrounds. Professor Nick Haslam will look at the psychology of HIV-related stigma whilst Dr Jenny Anderson will talk about the realities of researching HIV in the lab, and Brent Allan, CEO of Living Positive, who has experienced first-hand HIV-related stigma.

Dr Jenny Anderson  is a senior scientist at The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity. Jenny has extensive HIV research experience spanning HIV drug resistance, protein expression, early replication in cells (involving fluorescence imaging), cell restriction factors that block HIV, and HIV latency in T-cells.

Professor Nick Haslam is Professor of Psychology at the University of Melbourne. After receiving his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania he taught at the New School for Social Research in New York for several years.

Brent Allan is currently the CEO of Living Positive Victoria and has been working in the community response to HIV/AIDS for over 25 years both in Australia and internationally.   He is one of the founders of the Positive Leadership Development Institute Australia- an international collaboration between Canada and Australia focusing upon leadership development and resilience building for PLHIV in the face of HIV stigma and discrimination.

Sidney Myer Asia Centre
8 August
6pm – 7pm

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Sidney Myer Asia Centre

8 August - 8 August

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