Izabela Zolcinska Personal Protection Equipment

What risks do we expose ourselves to?

Personal Protection Equipment shines a spotlight on the relationship between healthcare volunteers and those infected with the Ebola virus during the deadly 2014-2016 outbreak in West Africa. People experienced great heartbreak, but ultimately defeated the blood borne virus that affected the lives of thousands. The artwork evokes the strict regime and choreography required to keep healthcare workers safe, whilst highlighting the capillary system that stretches throughout our bodies: a life force, and an achilles heel.

Image credit: Urszula Tarasiewicz

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The Artist: Izabela Zolcinska

Izabela Zolcinska is interested in sensory perception and extended corporeality, particularly relations between body and its protection like garment or architecture. Her interdisciplinary work explores cognitive science, technology, “corporeality”, anatomy, architecture and hydrology. Both capillarity and liquidity feature in her artworks including The Wall of Warmth, Biophilia, The Bodies of Rivers and Glomma.


27 July - 13 November Blood