Daniel Elborne One Drop of Blood

What's in a drop of blood?

This artwork represents the white blood cell count in a single drop of human blood: between seven and twenty five thousand. White blood cells play a key role in keeping us healthy.
We invite you to take a white blood cell away with you in exchange for a donation to the blood cancer research charity Bloodwise.
This participation mirrors the decreasing white blood cell count during chemotherapy experienced by the artist’s mother in 2013, while raising funds toward blood cancer research.

The installation of One Drop Of Blood as part of the BLOOD: Life Uncut season has been informed by conversations with Dr Linda Barber, a senior lecturer in Department of Haematological Medicine at King’s College London. Her research interests are the immunology of haematopoietic stem cell transplantation with a focus on development of therapies to prevent the detrimental graft versus host disease and promote the beneficial graft versus leukaemia effect.

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The Artist: Daniel Elborne

Daniel Elborne is an Australian artist based in Toowoomba, Queensland. His preferred working material is clay. Elborne primarily creates ceramic installations, which draw from varying points of personal experience and significance. By utilizing the fragile and precious nature of ceramics, he addresses sensitive historical events as well as cultural/political issues within modern society, while also questioning the role of ceramics in contemporary art practice.


27 July - 13 November Blood