Jordan Eagles Blood Equality - Illuminations

identity, stigma

Jordan Eagles brings Blood Equality to light with powerful illuminations of blood from gay, bisexual and transgender men.

Championing ‘science over stigma’ Eagles questions the discrimination against prospective blood donors, and advocates for allowing everyone an equal opportunity to donate blood.

Through his unique process, Eagles manipulates and transforms the organic material of blood, encasing and layering it in resin. This preservation technique permanently retains the blood’s natural colours, patterns, and textures. When lit, the works become translucent, projecting and reflecting the multilayered suspension and glow of the organic material. Eagles utilises the human blood donations from his Blood Mirror project, a 90-year-old openly gay priest; a Nigerian gay rights activist on political asylum in the U.S.; an identical gay twin whose straight brother is eligible to donate; a married transgender male couple, a bisexual father of two, and individuals on PrEP.

Installation; imaged blood on plexiglass, 2017
Image: David Meanix and courtesy of the artist

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The Artist: Jordan Eagles

Jordan Eagles is a New York based artist working in painting/sculpture hybrids, sculpture, and installation. His studio is in Ridgewood, NY. Eagles’ recent exhibitions and public programs include Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), The High Line (New York), Trinity Wall Street (New York), American University Museum (Washington, DC), and Boston Center for the Arts.