BLOOD: coming soon

Part exhibition, part experiment - Science Gallery Melbourne's inaugural program, BLOOD: Attract & Repel, is coming soon. 

“When we embarked on this project, people said to us: you’re gonna have fainters.”

The alluring mystery of blood has fascinated scientists and artists for centuries. From biological fluid to artistic medium, BLOOD: Attract & Repel is a powerful collision of arts and science that will take you on a journey of scientific discovery, social taboo and self-identity.

BLOOD: Attract & Repel, features an exhibition of 22 artworks and a diverse public program of events exploring six key sub themes: taboo, stigma, identity, giving, health and future. Explore blood with all your senses and discover the wonder of this important body fluid.

Inspired by the original Science Gallery Dublin exhibition and developed in collaboration with Science Gallery London, the season has been curated by Dr Ryan Jefferies and a panel of advisors including:

Rose Hiscock -  Director, Science Gallery Melbourne
Prof. Sharon Lewin – Director, The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity
A/Prof. David Prior – Deputy Director of Cardiology, St Vincent’s Hospital
Prof. Paul Monagle – Professor, Clinical Haematology, Royal Children’s Hospital
Dr Peta Clancy – Artist
Robert Walton – Lecturer, Victorian College of the Arts

Full program coming soon....